How To Stay Creative

Ever since COVID-19 started it has been difficult to concentrate on writing. Other things than the lives of fictional characters or upbeat blog posts occupied my mind. Fueled by the uncertainty of others, negativity on social media, and increased workloads, creativity did no longer just flow out of me. It had to be tapped in... Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t be a Writer

When I was little, one of the many things I wanted to be when I grew up was a writer. Then life did what life does and I wandered in one direction and many others but writing stayed at my side. Always near me, hiding in many various forms. The funny thing is, I was... Continue Reading →

How to Write the Perfect Novel

In my last book club session we discussed "A Memory Called Empire" by Arkady Martine which won this year's Hugo Award for best novel. To my surprise, the sentiment of the group was less positive than I had expected. Some of the people in our group were disappointed and criticized the novel for having plot... Continue Reading →

Why I quit NaNoWriMo and You Should Too

I have always been someone who does multiple things at the same time - be it doing different chores or reading several books or writing on different projects at once. Right now I have two unfinished novels, various short stories in different stages, this blog and I am sill thinking about launching a podcast. Multitasking... Continue Reading →

Project Update #1

I have some personal news today since I have not only one but two new projects coming up that I can finally share. Arcana 2020 In just a couple of hours the digital installation for Arcana 2020 will go live, including my story "The High Priestess". The installation is inspired by the tarot and is... Continue Reading →

Pinterest for Writers – How to Use it and Why

Pinterest is really fascinating since it is actually a search engine in disguise of a social media platform. Although you can follow other accounts on Pinterest, it is completely lacking the personal interaction besides pining someone's content on your boards. You don't get to know the people besides their current interests pinned on their board.... Continue Reading →

How to use LinkedIn as an Author Platform

Non-fiction writers often miss the opportunity to position themselves on LinkedIn. The reason you probably don't see many "writers" on LinkedIn is that they position themselves as speakers, entrepreneurs or experts on a certain topic. From another point of view they are non-fiction writers with a side job that divert the attention to their subject.... Continue Reading →

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