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Yes, but – The Easiest Storytelling Formula to transform your writing

Spoiler warning: This article analyzes the narrative of the first season of Bridgerton. I didn’t expect much when I started watching Bridgerton. But I was surprised by the storytelling, especially since it relies on a simple but very effective formula which I call the “yes, but”. Although, I must admit that I didn't read the... Continue Reading →

ChatGPT vs. Submission Grinder – What’s the better tool for your magazine submissions?

Back in 2020, I was discouraged by getting rejections from literary magazines. I never knew why. Was it because my cover letter was off? Did I not read the submission guidelines properly? Was it because I thought my writing didn't fit the journal after all? There was no way of knowing because most literary magazines... Continue Reading →

Project Update #2

Hello there, it's been a while. I could blame the pandemic for my lack of productivity but I'll spare you the whining. I'm sure everyone has been going through some stuff. The good news is that I'm back to writing. I wouldn't have thought that in-person meetings were such a big factor for my creative... Continue Reading →

How To Stay Creative

Ever since COVID-19 started it has been difficult to concentrate on writing. Other things than the lives of fictional characters or upbeat blog posts occupied my mind. Fueled by the uncertainty of others, negativity on social media, and increased workloads, creativity did no longer just flow out of me. It had to be tapped in... Continue Reading →

How to Write the Perfect Novel

In my last book club session we discussed "A Memory Called Empire" by Arkady Martine which won this year's Hugo Award for best novel. To my surprise, the sentiment of the group was less positive than I had expected. Some of the people in our group were disappointed and criticized the novel for having plot... Continue Reading →

Why I quit NaNoWriMo and You Should Too

I have always been someone who does multiple things at the same time - be it doing different chores or reading several books or writing on different projects at once. Right now I have two unfinished novels, various short stories in different stages, this blog and I am sill thinking about launching a podcast. Multitasking... Continue Reading →

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