Project Update #1

I have some personal news today since I have not only one but two new projects coming up that I can finally share.

Arcana 2020

In just a couple of hours the digital installation for Arcana 2020 will go live, including my story “The High Priestess”. The installation is inspired by the tarot and is featuring 22 writers and 22 artists who created their own interpretation of the card they received.

As the title suggest the High Priestess chose me and I delivered a tale of her fate.

My story combines the imagery of the tarot with the symbolism (fertility, spirituality, secrets,…).

It also mixes in elements of Scandinavian mythology with the appearance of the goddess Freya who is – similar to the high priestess – associated with love, beauty and fertility.

It was a pleasure to work with Hazel, Diana who curated this project. Check out the art and all the other great stories at the Arcana Website.

Eurasian Monsters

The other project I was working on since the beginning of this year was a story submission for the Eurasian Monsters anthology, edited by the wonderful Margrét Helgadóttir. It will be published in December by Fox Spirit books.

Margret is such a great editor. She helped me grow and develop the story, making the theme more clear with every step of the editing process. I am really glad and thankful to have had the possibility to work with her on this project.

The anthology features 17 dark tales from the vast region stretching from the Chinese border (but not including China) to Eastern parts of East Europe – from all over Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

For my story “The Housekeeper” I drew the inspiration from a rhyme about the domovoy that terrified me most of my childhood. The domovoy are usually the protectors of the kin in Slavic folklore but can also go awry if being angered by the residents of the house.

Besides reimagining the domovoy and playing with different beliefs and superstitions my story also explores the tropes of emotional trauma and psychosomatic response.

So in case you are interested and want to pre-order check out the Fox Spirits website.

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